A Master Class in Custom Furniture

When my son was born eight years ago, I went bananas trying to make everything perfect before the little bundle of joy/terror arrived. Baby-proof house? Check. Vast supply of diapers, clothes, and educational toys? Check. But even after the spare room had been transformed into a colorful nursery with a rocking chair and changing table, there was a large empty space where the crib should be.

We hadn’t been negligent in our shopping duties. But as we evaluated crib after crib at most of the major stores, I was very unsatisfied with the low quality of what I saw and not impressed with the prices. Perhaps it was just the nervousness of a new parent, but I had trouble trusting the flimsy, mass-produced products with a new life.

As it happens, woodworking is a hobby of mine and I was certain I could produce the sturdy masterpiece that my son deserved. And after working every night for several weeks, the pile of redwood lumber in my garage had been transformed into a beautiful mission-style crib.

While I have no regrets about tackling such a task, it’s not the path I would recommend for parents in the market for a new crib or anyone seeking quality hardwood furniture of any type. Had I simply done better research, I would have found exactly the crib I wanted, produced by hands far more skilled than my own, and even at a very reasonable price — right here in the Treasure Valley.

In fact, I was driving right past the big red chair in front of Heritage Reflections every day! At the time, I didn’t know they offered American-made, custom hardwood furniture. I didn’t even know that stores like that were a thing.

One might assume that handcrafted, custom furniture is very expensive, but in this case you’ll find that Heritage Reflections can still step into the ring and compete in pricing with major furniture stores.

What’s their secret? Do they have some magical elves that come out at night to build furniture? Not quite. Owners Bob and Terri Anderson work with 150 Amish families in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Each family focuses their skill in one area, becoming masters in handcrafting tables, chairs, or bedroom furniture.

Nearly all the furniture you see in the store comes from these dedicated Amish craftsmen and Heritage Reflections passes the savings along to the customer.

The Heritage Reflections showroom is a master class in design and decor centered on the incredible furniture that you can’t find anywhere else. If you see something you like (whether it be in the showroom, catalogue, or on their site), you have access to more customization options than a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cone. Choose from a variety of hardwoods, stains, and design options to get custom furniture exactly how you want it, built from scratch.

Whether you’re looking for your “forever” table, a handsome bedroom set, or a crib fit for your baby prince, Heritage Reflections is where you’ll find Idaho’s Best furniture.