A Healthy Dose of French Fries

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What is Idaho famous for? You got it … potatoes!

In my humble (but correct) opinion, McDonald’s has the best french fries on Earth.

Kristine Burgemeister happens to agree with me. Perhaps it’s because for years her husband has been raising the potatoes that McDonald’s uses for their fries. Or maybe it’s just that she has good taste.

Naturally, Kristine’s husband sometimes encourages her to eat those french fries. Ironically, though, Kristine is very health conscious and is the owner/operator of Country Health Clinic in Pocatello.

“Eating fast food everyday? No,” she says. “But can I have the best fries in the world once in a while? Yes.”

The trick is to find a balance between enjoying life and being healthy. According to Kristine, both are possible.

What’s Your Problem?

You know the drill. You have joint pain or some new issue has cropped up, say psoriasis or brittle fingernails. But rather than head straight to the doctor, you first investigate it yourself.

Online research gives you a list of minerals, supplements, vitamins, and drugs you can take to tackle the problem.

As you know from experience, self diagnosis and treatment is hit or miss. Often this leads to a waste of both time and money.

So, you give your primary-care physician a call. Although they’re well intentioned, you’ll likely end up with a prescription for a synthetic drug. As a result your symptoms may diminish, or disappear altogether, but the truth is, drugs just mask the problem.

Enter Country Health Clinic, a shining beacon of holistic and natural healing right here in Idaho. The folks there promote preventative health.

I’ll repeat that in case you’re just skimming. They promote preventative health.

“We want to train people to have a healthy lifestyle versus fast food America,” says Kristine. “Wouldn’t it be better to not have the problem at all in the first place?”

In The Beginning

When Dr. Harold Klassen began formulating his own vitamins and mineral blends back in Aberdeen, Idaho, forty years ago, he had no idea that his blends, and eventually the clinic, would become a destination for clients from around the world.

Dr. Klassen began with a goal to address common ailments with blends that a patient could take without a whole array of bottles in their cabinet.

Many of his blends addressed specific issues, while others were recommended for multiple ailments.

Of course, his clinic drew people from all over southeast Idaho. But four years ago, after his sudden passing, his daughter Kristine, who had worked at the clinic with him, moved the clinic to Pocatello.

This move meant that even more people could access the benefits offered by Country Health Clinic.

Truly Natural Health Care

Country Health Clinic is so much more than a place to obtain incredible and proprietary supplement blends. They have a full suite of holistic and natural healing options. As an integrative health clinic, most of their offerings are considered totally natural (as opposed to invasive treatments or medical interventions).

They offer hyperbaric oxygen chambers, IV therapy, massage, infrared sauna, a theta chamber, and a bio-cleanse detox spa, along with several other options for enhancing your immune system.

Word-of-mouth has spread globally, and now in addition to their local clientele, Country Health Clinic sees international visitors who come for a week of natural health care for a great price. The regular staff includes a nurse practitioner, a chiropractor, a naturopath, a massage therapist, and a physician’s assistant.

So, the next time you get a hankering for the salty goodness of McDonald’s fries, take a moment and remember Dr. Klassen. His proprietary blends (there are over a hundred of them that address everything from kidney issues to tinnitus) can help you strike a balance between healthy and happy. And thanks to Kristine at Country Health Clinic, you can still justify having a healthy dose of french fries once in a while.