The Golden Rule

Treasure Valley Exteriors

2019 BoTV Winner – Best Home Remodeler, Best Contractor

When you need help with a home project, you don’t always know where to go. It needs to be done well and you want to get a fair price on it, too. This can be especially tricky with work you might not be familiar with, like roofing, windows, or installing solar panels. I think people are wary when looking for companies to work on their most important investments, and this often leads to a referral from someone they know that some guys that can hook you up.

But if the work isn’t done by licensed and insured professionals, you might actually be putting your home, your money, and your safety at risk. That’s why I’m here to tell you that I know some guys that can hook you up, and they are top-notch home renovators in the Treasure Valley.

Max and Kelly had been working on homes together for years, but they weren’t satisfied. The company they worked for was like so many others, attempting to squeeze every possible penny out of every job. Even worse, they weren’t nice. The guys in charge weren’t nice to their customers; they weren’t even nice to their employees. Max and Kelly brought their heads together with one thought — “We could do this better ourselves.”

Treasure Valley Exteriors is Boise’s Best

And so they did. Treasure Valley Exteriors was founded by Max and Kelly in 2011 and in a few short years, they have seen tremendous success. They are the Treasure Valley’s source of home improvement value. They’ve had this success by establishing trust, doing quality work, and being nice.

I can say from personal experience that Max is right when he says that treating people well is their secret to success. He says, “It comes down to that first interaction. I’m creating a friendship with somebody and thinking, ‘I frickin’ like this guy.’”

For homeowners that want to feel more confident when choosing a contractor, Kelly recommends getting a second opinion. “It’s the people that don’t get a second opinion that get hosed,” he explained. Treasure Valley Exteriors is happy to give you a second opinion on your roofing, siding, and just about any type of exterior renovation your home needs.

But even if you’re going to them just for a second opinion, I’m pretty sure Treasure Valley Exteriors will become your first choice.