Whatever it Takes – A Real Life Comeback Story

Like millions of Americans, Bret Adams suffered due to significant back pain. And just like many of them, he had been down the medical rabbit hole, going through many doctors and physical therapists with no success. Their collective prognosis? “We’re sorry. You’re broken and there’s nothing we can do.”

Not satisfied with that response, the young accounting major changed courses to pursue physical therapy. He thought, “That can’t be the end of it. A musculoskeletal problem like this should be treatable with the right musculoskeletal approach.”

Bret understood a fundamental truth about the human body. His best chance to defeat chronic back pain was to set his body up to heal itself, and he was going to learn how to make that happen.

Years later, Bret Adams (PT, MPT, ATC, CSCS) shares his hard-won knowledge and finely tuned technique in his practice, Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy (ISSPT). His troop of highly trained therapists operates out of three locations in the Treasure Valley.

I found a comrade in Bret Adams. Like him, I was a strength athlete whose path was altered by a significant back injury. I’ve also been through a quagmire of medical intervention that has only been minimally effective. I can describe Bret and the ISSPT team with one word: precision.

Precision is what makes a great physical therapist. The ISSPT team believes you should be perfect at what you do. Their ability to accurately diagnose an injury and follow through with hands-on techniques can give your body the re-education it needs to heal itself.

The skill of ISSPT has led to a tremendous success rate. Of patients that stick with their treatment plans, more than 9 of 10 are successful in treatment.

Whether it’s chronic pain or an acute injury affecting your life, Bret recommends seeing a therapist early. Most people wait far too long before seeking help.