2024 Awards Ceremony: What to Expect

Are you as excited as we are for the nights of May 22-23? Whether or not this is a new event for you, we want share what to expect.

Please quickly read through the items below. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

Ticket Info

Tickets are required to be purchased in advance. Tickets are 100% sold out and we will not be selling tickets at the door. We will also not allow entry without a valid ticket. This is strictly enforced to respect those who did purchase tickets.

Be sure each of your tickets are assigned and include UNIQUE contact information for each guest. Unassigned tickets or tickets with duplicate contact details are not eligible to win door prizes.

Login to the candidate dashboard to assign tickets.

What to Wear

Dress in the best you have! At the awards ceremony you’ll see glamorous gowns and dapper tuxedos. This is a night to celebrate you, Idaho’s Best, so dress like it!


Doors open at 7:00pm and we expect to end around 9:30pm.

Location and Parking

Our event is at Boise Centre East. The address is 195 S Capitol Blvd in downtown Boise. Be sure to look for the EAST building. Enter on the ground floor and head up the elevators to the 4th floor. You’ll find us there!

Door Prizes

We have thousands of dollars worth of door prizes to give away throughout the night.

If you signed up to bring an approved door prize, please bring it with you to the event and hand it in at the registration table.

If you’d like to sponsor a door prize, thanks, but it’s too late this year. We received so many that we had to turn some away.

Red Carpet

After registration you’ll walk the red carpet. We’ve hired an experienced photographer to capture the moment for your entire team. Please, no selfie’s on the red carpet before the event starts. You’ll be able to do that after the program is over.


The venue is providing a bar that serves beer, wine, and soda. If you’re a VIP ticket holder, we’ll give you a drink ticket at the registration table. If you’re a GE ticket holder, drinks are available for purchase.


NOTE: There is no dinner served at this event! However, we will be providing a light dessert. Please do not take more than two servings of dessert for yourself.

Awards Presentation

Although we have nearly 300 categories in this year’s awards, at the awards ceremony we will only be announcing the results for about 75 of them. Basically those who purchased tickets will hear their category’s results.

NOTE: If you’re bringing a guest who represents a different candidate, or you’re employed with a candidate for which tickets were not purchased, it is too late to add new candidates to the awards presentation agenda. Basically, if you didn’t notify us far in enough in advance, we will not announce the category if it is not also represented by another finalist. Either way, we will not have a printed certificate for the unknown candidate.

Once your category is announced, please make your way to the stage for another photo opportunity with Brodie handing you a certificate. Bring the entire team, if you like! Don’t worry though… you are not expected to give a speech. It’s just a photo opp.

Announcing Winners

If you’re unable to make it to our awards ceremony, that’s unfortunate because it’s going to be a fun evening! That said, we will be announcing the winners for all categories on our website the very next day, so stay tuned.