Heritage Reflections: This is REAL Furniture

If you appreciate quality craftsmanship and interior design, then a visit to Heritage Reflections will be an experience you’ll never forget. It is completely different than most furniture stores. Heritage customers are getting American-made, quality hardwood furniture, made to order.

The showroom is so beautiful that people treat it like a Parade-of-Homes showcase, with hordes of smiling people visiting just to admire the store and its wares. Every room unveils a new treasure.

Co-owner Terri Anderson is the genius responsible for the design of the showroom, which gives off vibes of old-timey New England. I’ve even discovered that there are major companies with big marketing research budgets that send their people to Meridian to learn about interior design from Heritage Reflections.

But if you think custom-built hardwood furniture sounds expensive, you’ll be very surprised at just how reasonable it is to get handmade furniture. Heritage Reflections can go toe-to-toe with major furniture brands you’ll find in box stores.

heritage reflections furniture

How do they do it? Heritage Reflections works with about 100 Amish families in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Each family focuses their skill in one area, becoming expert in handcrafting tables, chairs, or bedroom furniture. Nearly all the furniture you see in the store comes from these specialized Amish craftsmen, and Heritage Reflections passes the savings along to the customer.

What I learned from Bob and Terri is that “Amish” is not a furniture style, it’s a quality of build. The Amish builder is set apart by motivation and dedication, rather than the profits gained from the labor.

When you visit the Heritage Reflections showroom, you’ll see a collection of unique, quality furniture that you won’t find anywhere else in the Treasure Valley. Choose from a variety of hardwoods and stains, as well as a plethora of design options, to get custom furniture exactly how you want it, built from scratch.

My father spent most of his waking hours building furniture. My childhood memories are full of sawdust and the smell of wood stain, and I gained an appreciation for quality craftsmanship as a result. As I reviewed the notes I made about Heritage Reflections, one line was scribbled prominently across the top of the page — “This is real furniture.”