Rocket Express Car Wash is Green and Clean

What’s the secret to a great car wash? My very first job was in a detail shop, so I thought I understood. After working with Rocket Express Car Wash owners Joe and Janet Russell, I’ve learned that the secret sauce isn’t magic soap or a spotless rinse — it’s people.

Don’t get me wrong; Rocket Express has all the special tools and toys that any auto aficionado could ever want. When you pull your car into that 240-foot conveyor, you’re about to be on the receiving end of the very best car-cleaning experience available anywhere.  But what stood out the most was not the neon lights, free vacuums, or free mat-cleaning machines, it was the people.

The Rocket Express Commitment

In fact, when I first spoke with Joe Russell, I asked him what made Rocket Express unique. He said, “We compensate our people well above others and we attract and retain exceptional people.” This is what impressed me about the Rocket team. They are committed to their team and their customers, and their team and customers are committed to them.

When I visited the Rocket Express Car Wash, located at Fairview and Cloverdale, the sense of loyalty from the staff was palpable. These exceptional people work diligently to deliver a great experience to each customer in the hopes that they will become a Rocket Express ambassador.

Co-founder Janet Russell, a marketing guru, also wears the hats of COO, HR rep, and trainer.  She expressed to me the importance of ecological responsibility in their operations.

Above the vacuum canopy sets is one of the largest solar panel arrays in the Treasure Valley, creating much of the Rocket’s energy needs.  “Rocket Express also reclaims the majority of the water used in its car washes, uses only earth-friendly products, and continually invests to improve sustainability”, Janet Russell said.

In the end, you might choose Rocket Express Car Wash because of the value, its commitment to the community, or simply because you’ll get an exceptionally clean, shiny, and dry car in four minutes or less. It might even be because they won the Best of Treasure Valley. Those are all valid reasons, but what will keep you going back is the overall experience provided by the people.


The fifth Rocket Express Mega Car Wash, second in the Treasure Valley, is currently under construction at the northwest corner of the intersection of Chinden Blvd. and Linder Road in Meridian.