Goodbye Best of Treasure Valley… Kinda

*Some details discussed in this article have changed. You can find updated details for the Idaho’s Best Awards here

The title may come as a surprise, especially if you didn’t read my article about the Idaho Statesman from a couple of weeks ago.

We are currently in the process of retiring the name “Best of Treasure Valley™” (yes, we still own the trademark!) to avoid confusion with the Idaho Stateman’s unreliable contest of the same name.

Making Lemonade

I was honestly deflated after being on the receiving end of the Idaho Statesman’s antics. In truth, I was fully prepared to give it up and walk away.

However, after hearing your feedback on my Idaho Statesman article, I reversed course and was determined to make lemonade out of lemons.

The amount of support we received was unbelievable. You guys made it loud and clear… you loved how we ran Best of Treasure Valley™ and you want us to keep going. Several of you graciously offered alternative solutions to our dilemma, including new names we could use instead.

Even the single dissenting opinion we received was still supportive. He explained that although he preferred our method of running the contest, he was worried that too many of these awards could water down the value.

If you’re reading this my friend, don’t worry. All of us at Inbound Systems are determined to add more value to Idaho’s Best than offered by other awards contests, especially those those that take a year off from time to time! 🙂

To the Future!

The good news is, we’re not leaving you high and dry. Instead, we’re changing the name of our contest to… drum roll please… Idaho’s Best™!

We’re improving upon the successes of the Best of Treasure Valley™ and expanding it statewide.

Right on Time

Even with the name change, this year’s contest is on schedule!

The nomination period opens next week, so we’re busy updating our website and resources to reflect the new name. Stay tuned and check back often.

Going Regional

Not to worry. With Idaho’s Best™ we’re still keeping it local by dividing the state of Idaho into four regions:

  1. Treasure Valley
  2. Panhandle
  3. Magic Valley
  4. Eastern Idaho

Note that every business in Idaho will geographically fall into one of these regions.

Nominees will compete on a regional level. Then, the regional winners of each category will be compared to each other to determine who deserves the recognition for being the best statewide.

What’s Not Changing

Truly the Best

Our exclusive method utilized in determining Best of Treasure Valley™ companies is not changing.

We’re still using online reviews and rankings as well as votes to determine Idaho’s Best™.

We’re also still limiting the number of times a person can vote for their favorite company. New this year, voters will now need to confirm their registration before their vote is counted.

We believe the above will continue to set our contest apart from the other popularity contests you may be used to.

The Official Magazine

Last year our magazine garnered rave reviews across the board. It was distributed to affluent neighborhoods and local hotels. However, going statewide with our contest throws a twist in things!

So, we have plans to publish four unique magazines, one for each region. Within each issue, the statewide and regional winners and finalists will be announced in full-color. More details are forthcoming!

Our Celebration

The Awards Banquet we hosted last year was an incredible hit. If you didn’t hear, tickets sold out in just 80 minutes!

By going statewide, we anticipate the desire to attend the Awards Banquet to increase significantly.

So, yes, we will be hosting another one this year! And rest assured, we’re making it easier for twice as many finalists to attend.

Even so, if you’re a finalist, reserve your tickets as soon as they become available.

Thank You!

Putting on this contest is a monumental task. It takes a lot of money and working hours to get it off the ground.

That being said, our investment is only worth it because of you and your support.

So from all of us at Inbound Systems, THANK YOU!

We are as determined as ever to give you the value you deserve. We are as motivated as ever to making Idaho’s Best™ the gold standard of “best of” contests. We are as grateful as ever to have you on board with us.

Again, thank you.

Brodie Tyler