Diamond Hugs

When I first spoke with Rick, the founder of Diamond Heating & Cooling, I was not impressed when he told me, “Taking care of clients is our top priority.” You see, just about every HVAC website, ad, and mission statement will say something to that effect. Any cynical person would say that these claims of wholesome intent are hogwash.

Sprint’s “About Us” page says their focus is creating an amazing customer experience, yet year after year they rank among the most hated businesses, worst customer service, and worst places to work in America.

So how do you know when it’s not hogwash and the organization actually holds to the ideals that it claims? It’s simple — you ask their customers.
Let me share a story of Anne (name changed for privacy). She is 81 years old, wheelchair bound, lives alone, and receives palliative care. When her furnace stopped working on a cold December day, Anne couldn’t bare it.

Diamond Heating & Cooling not only provided fast and reliable service, they helped Anne on a whole new level. Despite receiving a new furnace, Anne’s invoice read a grand total of $0.00.

In the notes read the following: “No charge for this lady under any circumstances. We will be available 24/7 to help her and keep her comfortable.”
Anne had become a recipient of the famous “Diamond Hug”, a community program led by Diamond Heating & Cooling where they look for opportunities to give back to others in need.

As the cold season began last year, the team met because Rick had generously offered free furnaces with the requisite labor costs for two families in need. Problem was, they had actually found five families that needed furnaces.

They had a choice to make.

And choose they did! After one technician offered to cover a third furnace out of his own pocket, the rest of the team collaborated and pitched in so that each of the five families could keep their homes warm over the winter.

It doesn’t stop there either. The Diamond team sponsored an orphanage and teamed up with a non-profit to provide shoes for “their” kids. For 2020 they’ve already set aside time and money for veterans, the Boise Rescue Mission, the Garden City Police, and they’ll again partner with KTSY to provide furnaces for a few homes this year.

It’s acceptable if you have tears welling up in your eyes right now. These people are good, in the truest sense of the word.
Sue Ellen, Diamond Co-Owner and Rick’s number one gal, explained to me their philosophy. “When someone is in the field, we want our technicians to have the authority to make decisions for the best needs of the client without worrying about blow-back from management.”

Sue Ellen and Rick begin by setting the example from the very top. Then they hire and train highly-skilled HVAC technicians, emphasize the Diamond Hug philosophy, and then empower them to take care of clients.

No hogwash here, right?