Charity Unleashed


I am grateful for people like Brian and Jodie Rencher, owners of Advanced Dental Care of Twin Falls. I could use this space to tell you how successful their business is (very), how advanced their technology and treatments are (impressively so), or even how incredible the view is from their treatment rooms (majestic), but I’m not going to do that. Instead, I want to tell you about their service.

You see, while we all have our difficulties, most of us here in Idaho are lucky enough to live so well that we fail to appreciate some of the great luxuries and opportunities we have. Most of us don’t realize how life-changing dentistry can be.

When a new patient showed up to Advanced Dental Care for a consultation, she asked Dr. Rencher to pull all of her teeth and prepare her a set of dentures. She’s a young mother who is in fact beautiful, but the poor condition of her teeth led her to covering her mouth to hide them from view. Working in food service without great benefits, replacing her teeth with dentures was the only solution she could afford.

She may not have asked for charity, but she got it. Dr. Rencher saw that the young lady’s teeth might be discolored and not quite straight, but they were otherwise healthy. Advanced Dental Care provided cleaning, whitening, and orthodontic care, asking her to pay only what she could afford. That act of charity has changed her life!

Brian and Jodie are a model in this regard, not taking their blessings for granted and always quick to help others. They are very focused on giving aid where they can. In cooperation with the LDS Dental Academy, Dr. Rencher has made multiple trips to China to provide humanitarian aid. There he provided free dental care for children from orphanages and the elderly, and also provided dental training at a local university.

The practice hasn’t lost sight of the fact that there are also people right here that could use a little help. They provide service, cash, and material donations to a variety of local causes, including the Valley House, animal shelters, the Special Olympics, victims of domestic violence, the list goes on and on!

But the event that may be the cause for the most excitement is Advanced Dental Care’s Dentistry from the Heart Day. At last year’s event, the team provided free dental care to more than 70 local residents. It was a smashing success, and they are looking forward to their next Heart Day, which is slated for next fall.