The Savvy Shopper

One look at me and it’s obvious that I know everything about fashion. I’m the Ru Paul of white, middle-aged, strong-fat guys. OK, so I don’t actually know anything about fashion. That’s why I learned so many new terms by interviewing Erin, like “haute couture”, “boutique”, and “ruche”. Now I’ll be able to blend in when I’m shopping with my better half!

Erin Rigel is the founder and owner of Fashion 15 Below, newly-crowned as the best clothing store in Idaho. Going in, I wasn’t sure I could steer the interview or contribute to conversation, but I perked up when she explained the basic principle of her business — they offer a wide range of boutique clothing and nearly everything is under $15.

Erin has always been a savvy shopper. She loved her childhood experiences of looking for great deals with her mom, and her shopping sprees just never stopped — they just grew in scale.

“Our goal is to make every woman feel beautiful and empowered whether they bought something from us or not.”

Her operation began as the first mobile boutique in Idaho. But her growth and success has been such that Fashion 15 Below has two locations with a third on the way and a separate warehouse to handle online orders in just its fourth year. Customers have their choice of 15,000 hand-picked products in a wide range of sizes, with new fashions arriving every day.

I know what you’re thinking, because it’s what I thought. Over 15,000 items priced at $15 or below; so it’s just piles of Chinese imports, right? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Quality is very important to a fashionista like Erin, and 85 percent of Fashion 15 Below’s stock is made right here in the USA (insert Eagle’s cry). After all, it’s not a good deal unless what you’re getting is worth having.

And I’ll tell you what…Erin is impressive because she’s industrious and she’s a hustler. She’s constantly attending all the shows, building relationships with manufacturers and designers, and shopping for fantastic deals for her stores. She uses her magic shopping powers for good, passing the savings on to her customers.

Even if you don’t live in Twin Falls or Pocatello, you can still take advantage of the great deals that Fashion 15 Below is able to find for you by ordering online. Erin’s club of savvy shoppers can access the store plus six big sales every day through the Fashion 15 Below app, available for Android and Apple devices.