What do the Chicago Bulls, the New York Yankees, and Tiger Woods have in common? They all dominated their fields with back-to-back-to-back titles. And now we can add Heritage Auto Repair to this list of legendary three-peats (2019–2021).

I wanted to look under the hood to see what makes Heritage special. To that end, I visited the shop, interviewed team members, and read what customers had to say. I found one particular message being conveyed over and over again, the single word that best describes why people love Heritage Auto Repair:


Data from AAA suggests that nearly two-thirds of Americans do not trust auto repair shops. We don’t usually plan to need help with auto repair, but even the best of us can be caught by surprise with a sudden leak, a failed transmission, or running out of blinker fluid. (I’m being told blinker fluid is not a thing.)

When car-tastrophe strikes, it can be incredibly stressful and can upend your life. We become vulnerable when our transportation and livelihood are in the hands of a mechanic — so we REALLY want to be able to rely on the people we trust with our vehicles.

“We have always wanted to do two things: to change the way people view our industry by being THE leader in our industry in integrity, honesty, and trust, and secondly to be a positive influence in our community.” – Rebecca Zanders, Co-owner

Folks trust Heritage Auto Repair with their vehicles. They trust that the Heritage team has the skills and tools to do excellent work. They trust that they’ll receive honest quotes and recommendations, and that the work will be timely and fairly priced. That trust is why Heritage has been named Best Auto Repair Shop three years in a row.