Here for You through the “Hole” Process!

Sarah Stroh is the personable and friendly owner of Hippie Hoops and Holes

, a piercing studio that she started in December 2012. Sarah’s journey to owning her own business began with a simple desire for a friendly place to get pierced. Frustrated with the lack of such places in her area, Sarah took matters into her own hands to create a space where people could feel at ease while getting pierced.

At first, Sarah looked for apprenticeships to learn the art of piercing, but she quickly realized that opportunities were few and far between. In fact, at the time, there were only a handful of piercers in her area, and none of them were interested in taking on an apprentice. Undeterred, Sarah decided to teach herself. Over time, her skills improved, and she gained a reputation for being a talented and conscientious piercer.

As her business grew, Sarah realized that she needed help to keep up with demand. She began taking on apprentices, passing on her knowledge and skills to a new generation of piercers. Collin, her current manager, actually came in as a client. He was so impressed with Sarah’s work that he went straight home and sent in his resume. He started two weeks later and has now been with Hippie Hoops and Holes for over two years, a true asset to the team.

Despite her success, Sarah remains humble yet passionate about piercing. Sarah and her team take pride in providing a warm and non-judgmental space for clients, and they’re always willing to go above and beyond to make sure people feel comfortable and well-informed about the piercing process. They are always happy to answer questions and to provide guidance to customers, whether they are getting their first piercing or their twentieth. Their advice to people looking for a piercing studio is to read reviews and ask questions. Their team believes that finding a reputable piercer is crucial to a safe piercing experience.

Their team was recently thrilled to learn that the company had been named a Statewide Winner for Personal Beauty in the 2023 Idaho’s Best Awards. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication they have poured into the business over the years. What is even more remarkable is that the team never asked for a single vote — their customers spoke up on their behalf, recognizing the high level of quality and care they bring to their craft.

Beyond her skill as a piercer, Sarah is a “people person,” a friendly business owner who cares deeply about her community. She believes in giving back, and her team has made it a priority to be involved in local events and initiatives. In addition to donating gift cards to various community organizations, they also give away daith piercings for Christmas each year, helping people who are in pain.(Daith piercings are an alternative treatment widely thought to reduce the severity of migraines.)

For Sarah and her team, piercing is not just a job, it’s a passion. Their knowledge and expertise in piercing are unparalleled, and their professionalism  makes customers feel like they’re in good hands.

At Hippie Hoops and Holes, the team has created an inclusive atmosphere, where customers of all ages, genders, and backgrounds flock to get pierced. They take great care to ensure that each piercing is done with precision and attention to detail. They use only high-quality jewelry and equipment, and follow strict hygiene and safety protocols.

If you’re in the market for a piercing, consider checking out Hippie Hoops and Holes. Sarah and her team will make sure you feel welcome and comfortable throughout the process, and you’ll leave with a beautiful piece of jewelry that you’ll love for years to come. And who knows, you might just find yourself a part of the ever-growing community of loyal Hippie Hoops and Holes clients who can’t imagine getting pierced anywhere else.