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Webfoot Concrete I live in a very urban area that’s surrounded by xeriscaped townhomes. My two children, both under 11, lack an ideal place to explore and play. Though I like to pretend it’s similar to living in some cool place like Brooklyn, the fact is that it’s not.

We’ve adapted to the absence of a yard or big playground by cleverly turning our garage into a play area. We have pickleball stuff, tons of scooters, skateboards, and balls. We’ve even erected a rope swing—strung from the rafters—and built a stool to launch the swing from.

This two-car garage is the most popular haunt in the ‘hood. Our kids and their friends play in that space nearly every day.

Coated Garage Floors FTW

If it was possible to change the vibe in your garage with as little as $4,ooo, would you do it? This is, of course, a very hypothetical estimate, but after talking with Gavin Hepp of Webfoot Concrete Coatings, I’ve never wanted to throw $4K at a contractor more.

The garage is one of those permanently dirty places. It’s just never really clean. One reason for this is the porous surface of concrete. No matter how much I sweep, there’s always going to be a layer of dirt that’s just there, eternally existing on the floor and easily tracked into the house.

Customer-Focused Service
Webfoot Concrete
Webfoot Concrete is the brainchild of Gavin Hepp and his partner, Travis Ulrich, who’ve been best friends since they were babies.

In college they started Webfoot Painting. As the two pivoted out of college, they naturally fell into growing their business and eventually added concrete coatings to their repertoire.

As with many new endeavors, that business was filled with trial and error. They began with epoxy, which is a popular method for coating and sealing concrete. The two weren’t pleased with how it performed. Epoxy has a long cure time. In fact, it’s kind of always curing, which also means that it’s thinning and getting more brittle over time.

In a few years epoxy chips and cracks. At that point it must either be restored or redone. Because it didn’t hold up as long as Webfoot liked, they looked for another answer.

Enter polyurea. What’s so great about this compound is how fast it cures, how durable it is, and how long it lasts. It doesn’t hurt that it’s so customizable, and it looks gorgeous and classy when it’s done.

At that point, Webfoot Concrete Coatings really took off.

The rest is history. And by history I mean 20 years of experience, making Webfoot Concrete Coatings the highest-rated coatings company in the country, and for good reason. They turn garages into clean, organized spaces (they’ve added garage cabinets to their services). Not to mention their concrete-coating process takes them one day to complete. This goes for any decent-condition concrete surface they coat, including outdoor walkways, patios, pool decks, and even driveways.

Once the job is done, your satisfaction with your garage simply skyrockets. Gavin observes that there’s an almost indescribable feeling attached to the change in the room after having the floor coated and sealed. He explains that it’s something you can’t fully appreciate till you’ve gotten it done. It’s both gorgeous and cozy, and incredibly pleasant to come home to.

Of their amazing reviews and customer satisfaction, Gavin says, “It really boils down to taking care of our people, like company culture, that allows us to win on so many fronts. We’re very organized to make sure we’re delivering excellent service to our customers.”
Webfoot Concrete
One look at their 300+ company reviews and I simply can’t argue that point. Now, down to business. How soon till I can get my quote?