Just Another Inspiring Origin Story for a Local Business

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There’s nothing better than that moment you realize your passion can not only pay the bills but also flourish, grow, and possibly even provide a little extra.

When Dr. Scott Henry joined Anthony Nichols at Nichols Computer in 2019, that’s the sort of synergy that exploded and grew their business from 15 to 20 appointments a month to 15 to 20 a week. Let’s frame this as the classic rags-to-riches story, because that’s familiar to us and therefore both inspiring and comforting.

Nichols Computer began in Anthony’s garage in 2001 (computer business in a garage, sound familiar?). It lasted there for many years as Anthony’s passion project.

Finally in 2016 he took the leap, banking on the potential for quicker, more sustained growth as he increased visibility for his business and had more space in which to work. That was the year Anthony moved Nichols Computer into the Silver Lake Mall.

Anthony’s clientele grew over the next few years, which was pleasant and inspiring. In 2019, however, Scott and Anthony teamed up and something amazing happened. Here was the magic moment, the money note, the alchemy in the figurative laboratory as these two came together to combine their passions and purposes into one business.

Before merging business and their clientele, Scott had managed tech support for the Oregon, Idaho, and Montana region for a large national corporation. When he left that position and became partners with Anthony, his roster of clients followed him away from the corporation.

Scott’s first month at Nichols Computer saw revenue double. That’s not just a good sign. That’s a great sign. How could things get any better for these two computer mages running a wicked awesome computer business from the Silver Lake Mall?

It couldn’t. It couldn’t get any better.

Oh, but it did.

Location, Location, Location

Shortly after Anthony and Scott joined forces, Nichols Computer moved out of the mall and into a strip mall. The first month in that new location, once again, their monthly earnings doubled.

A lot goes into how well Nichols Computer has done. Location is a major factor, according to Scott. “People don’t want to lug their computer through the mall. Convenience is big for clients, but so is visibility,” he explains.
A strip mall provides that extra visibility, and definitely it’s a big help to park your car next to the entrance.
A number of factors go into making this phenomenal business so phenomenal, and one of them is that both partners are passionate about the work. They not only repair hardware but they also build custom/water-cooled PC gaming systems. For those in the know about PC gaming, this sort of system is the brass ring—getting yourself one takes you into a new realm.

They’re not only very in love with their work. As a team they represent a complementary pairing. Anthony’s passion is Mac-only hardware. Despite how ideal Mac hardware is, they do run into problems. Booking with Anthony means not having to haul your computer into a Mac store, which let’s be honest, isn’t always in a spot with easy access. Additionally he excels at communicating with Gen X and older clients, speaking their language with ease.

While Anthony loves the Mac angle, Scott is passionate about building custom gaming systems, handling software work, and other general custom builds.

This division of labor due to what they’re naturally interested in means that they can turn client work around in about 7 days (one of the quickest in the area). Additionally, Nichols Computer loves helping small businesses set up network systems, run internet wiring, and install security cameras.

If you thought this inspiring origin story of a well-loved local computer business couldn’t get any better, wait for it …

… They just hired four Idahoans and they’re now working with the Idaho Department of Labor to hire paid interns. How’s that for a local business demonstrating what they value as a part of the local community? Pretty dreamy, if we do say so ourselves.