Never Underestimate the Power of a Dream

Never Underestimate the Power of a Dream

Best Mongolian Restaurant | Statewide Winner and Best of Treasure Valley

Duy Tran The year is 2009. A young man from Vietnam finds himself—in seeking work anywhere he can get it in Boise—washing dishes and scrubbing floors and toilets in #1 Mongolian BBQ.

He’s overqualified to do any of this work—a landscape photographer, webmaster, and graphic designer by training, he left a business that he owned in Vietnam to come to the United States and strive for a dream he saw but had no road map to follow.
No map? No problem.

We love a good Cinderella story around here. It’s the American dream distilled into its most basic components—a person not of noble or elite birth rises to the top through hard work, good values, and their own ingenuity.

Today we look at the result of those values: a beautiful location rich in elegance and exquisite details. This a restaurant visit that’s about experience and sensory fulfillment as much as anything else. To look at what this top restaurant is today, well, it’s difficult to believe the humble roots from which it grew. For this inspirational story and its outcome, we have the dedication of Duy Tran to thank.

From Dream to Reality

Back in 2009, #1 Mongolian BBQ was the restaurant that took Duy in when he came to Idaho on a wing and prayer. He had no concept then of what he would do; he simply never gave up. As a dishwasher and eventual chef at the restaurant, he did the work he had to do. He didn’t love it. Often he found himself questioning what he was doing and the wisdom of his choices. His wife and child were still back in Vietnam, waiting to join him in the United States. He sent what he earned back home and visited as often as he could.

From his position in the kitchen and as one of the grunt employees in #1 Mongolian BBQ, Duy observed and knew why the place wasn’t doing as well as it could be. When the owner at the time announced that the restaurant would have to close, an idea hatched. Duy had very little money and very little credit. He knew what he had to do, he just had to find the means to do it.

Duy borrowed money from friends and family, he obtained very small bank loans, and he bought the restaurant. People questioned his wisdom, but he plowed ahead, believing in himself. “I trusted myself. I poured myself into it. And I did everything on my own. I rebuilt,” Duy says.

From the time he became the owner of #1 Mongolian BBQ, Duy spent every day from the end of 2015 to the end of 2016 fixing the restaurant up. He needed to make it work.

We know that when a restaurant struggles, it’s a top-down problem. Duy has always made his goals and desires for his restaurant a team effort, sharing his vision with his team. He believes that they can and will work together to achieve that. Right away he created both short-term and long-term goals.
It worked: at the end of 2016, his restaurant started to get better reviews (one area that had contributed to the demise of #1 Mongolian BBQ’s first incarnation).

Changing Tide #1 Mongolian BBQ Team

It was a trickle at first.Then, after 2016, Duy challenged his team again with a goal that seemed obtainable but was still shooting for the moon: get #1 Mongolian into the top ten for Boise. As Duy demonstrates, a challenge is just what he needs to succeed. It was a long shot, wasn’t it?

Well, we can’t argue with these results: at the end of 2017 they were in the top seven for best barbecue joints in Idaho. From 2018 to now, they have ranked within the top three best barbecue joints in Boise.

Duy is careful to point out the honor he places on winning Idaho’s Best for 2022. He says this is because it represents the admiration and respect of his customers.

This makes sense: his efforts and those of his family shine through, and customers see it! Everyone knows the satisfaction of being seen and understood. Duy is honored by this.

We’re honored as well, Duy!

Same Work, Different Mindset

As the owner of #1 Mongolian BBQ, Duy does everything, from pinch-hitting in the kitchen to attending to guests, and still sometimes cleaning up and doing the dishes. Once upon a time he did that stuff because it was the only thing he could do, back when he first came to Boise.

But now, he finds joy in it because the restaurant is his—a dream come true, one that Duy shares with his family, his friends, and his guests.

#1 Mongolian BBQ deserves its name. The honor, Duy, is all ours.

US Ecology: The Workhorse Of The Green Movement

US Ecology

What happens to your old batteries when you toss them out? Assuming you attempt to dispose of them properly rather than sending them to the landfill with your regular garbage, you might not actually know their fate.

Many of the products in your home qualify as hazardous waste. The average household generates more than 20 pounds of hazardous waste per year. Products like motor oil, fluorescent light bulbs, and certain electronics should never be tossed into your regular waste bins. In fact, it may even be a crime!

US Ecology

In 2020, Boise Fire responded to a trash trailer fire at Republic Services that was caused by the improper disposal of a lithium-ion battery.

That’s because they have the potential to cause harm to the local environment, poison our water sources, or start fires. So what are you supposed to do with your hazardous waste? Get it into the hands of US Ecology, one of the top waste disposal companies on the globe, headquartered right here in Idaho.

At a glance, most people would guess that US Ecology is a government program that has something to do with the environment. (Or is that just me?) I spoke with Adam Hudgins, their director of talent acquisition (and retired Army veteran), to get set straight.

“We do the hard work that lies behind the face of the green movement.” –Adam Hudgins

With 70 years of experience, US Ecology is the leading environmental solutions provider for treatment, disposal, and recycling of all kinds of waste for government and business entities across the nation. In addition to managing waste, they are a top-tier emergency response service and offer a wide array of field services.

If you don’t know exactly what’s in that glowing toxic sludge you need to dispose of, chemists at US Ecology will figure it out so they can determine how to dispose of it properly. Even if you do know what’s in your hazardous waste, they are going to test it anyway just to be sure, and then use SCIENCE to render it chemically inert (if possible).

US Ecology’s service is comprehensive. Transportation? Whether it’s small lab packs or bulk materials over rail, they can do it. They have significant experience with DOT requirements for radioactive material and transporting difficult waste streams. Documentation? US Ecology loves documentation and will handle all necessary permits, loading and supervision, packaging, manifesting, and tracking.

All Roads Lead to US Ecology

The full scope of what they do cannot be captured in this article. What you should know is that US Ecology does the challenging, complex work that keeps you and me safe while also protecting our environment.

Nearly any industry you can think of encounters waste management or environmental problems that this green movement powerhouse can solve. Most of what US Ecology does involves waste solutions, recycling, and field services.

Waste Solutions

Your household hazardous waste (HHW) may not seem like much, but as a group we generate tens of millions of pounds of HHW every year. If we don’t all do our part to dispose of such waste properly, our beautiful state could quickly lose its natural luster.

US Ecology probably won’t be making home visits to pick up your recycling or used motor oil. But as the leading provider of environmental services for commercial and government industries, the odds are good that the local services that are helping you out will turn over your HHW to the experts at US Ecology.

Household Hazardous Waste

When it comes to your HHW, you have several options to help you dispose of it safely. Even if you can’t take it to a US Ecology site directly, there are plenty of ways to get your HHW safely disposed of.

  1. Take it to a designated HHW collection site for free. For our convenience, these sites are all over the place, though they are usually only open one day per month. Some sites might be limited to certain types of waste, such as heavy metals or prescription medications.
  2. Drop off your hazardous waste at a landfill or transfer station. These will have designated collection areas for various types of HHW.
  3. The Homebound Service assists elderly or physically challenged residents who are unable to transport their HHW to an established collection site and do not have readily available assistance from others. The Homebound Service offers convenient at-home pickup of HHW.

Commercial/Industrial Waste

Just like you, the hardware store needs to safely dispose of unsafe materials such as returned or expired paint. Likewise, your vehicle service stations, pharmacies, and manufacturing plants all have a plethora of products and chemicals they need to address. No matter the scale, US Ecology can handle it all and minimize the footprint left on our environment.


US Ecology’s network of facilities and service centers provides recycling services for everything from organic waste to universal waste (like bulbs and batteries), electronics, and more! They are the first and only company in the U.S. offering Aerosol Recycling Technology (ART) for aerosol waste. ART produces recyclable metal and reusable fuels, and it’s landfill-free with zero emissions.

People throw away over $10 billion of precious metals every year as electronic waste. US Ecology’s metals recovery service reclaims valuable metals that otherwise would have hit the landfill.

Field Services

US Ecology does more than help you dispose of dangerous industrial chemicals. Their field services offer safe logistics and response solutions directly where they’re needed, including specialty waste packaging, collection, transportation, and total waste management.

When disaster strikes, governments and businesses around the world call in the cavalry by way of a US Ecology emergency response team. Whether it’s a hurricane, a train derailment, or a deadly disease outbreak, they are the boots on the ground protecting human health and the environment. As I write this, they have 1,100 people in the field cleaning up a burst oil pipeline in California.

Creating a Sustainable Environment

The team of 3,400 professionals at US Ecology is what the military would call “squared away.” They are organized, efficient, and do everything by the book. They can help any industry develop safe and compliant solutions to manage their particular environmental risks.

Most of us might not notice the understated benefits that services like US Ecology provide us every day. Without them, generators of hazardous or industrial wastes couldn’t comply with government regulations and couldn’t operate. More importantly, their work is what allows us to go day-to-day without worrying too much about the impact we have on the environment.

We can all do better, be greener, and make more environmentally friendly choices. While we figure out the little things that we can do, US Ecology is there to handle the big things. They protect us, they protect our wildlife, and they protect our future.


What do the Chicago Bulls, the New York Yankees, and Tiger Woods have in common? They all dominated their fields with back-to-back-to-back titles. And now we can add Heritage Auto Repair to this list of legendary three-peats (2019–2021).

I wanted to look under the hood to see what makes Heritage special. To that end, I visited the shop, interviewed team members, and read what customers had to say. I found one particular message being conveyed over and over again, the single word that best describes why people love Heritage Auto Repair:


Data from AAA suggests that nearly two-thirds of Americans do not trust auto repair shops. We don’t usually plan to need help with auto repair, but even the best of us can be caught by surprise with a sudden leak, a failed transmission, or running out of blinker fluid. (I’m being told blinker fluid is not a thing.)

When car-tastrophe strikes, it can be incredibly stressful and can upend your life. We become vulnerable when our transportation and livelihood are in the hands of a mechanic — so we REALLY want to be able to rely on the people we trust with our vehicles.

“We have always wanted to do two things: to change the way people view our industry by being THE leader in our industry in integrity, honesty, and trust, and secondly to be a positive influence in our community.” – Rebecca Zanders, Co-owner

Folks trust Heritage Auto Repair with their vehicles. They trust that the Heritage team has the skills and tools to do excellent work. They trust that they’ll receive honest quotes and recommendations, and that the work will be timely and fairly priced. That trust is why Heritage has been named Best Auto Repair Shop three years in a row.

A Culture of Kindness

Kindness is underrated, both as a measure of society and as a business strategy. Our intuitive recognition of empathy and concern can be as important in health care interactions as the treatment itself.

Calling kindness a business strategy is a very cynical approach, but it is an important step to understanding how Advanced Dental Care of Twin Falls is so darned good. Their back-to-back wins as Idaho’s Best Dentist is no fluke. It is a direct result of caring about people first and then providing exceptional treatment. The secret ingredient that sets Advanced Dental Care apart is a culture of kindness that inspires people and generates goodwill.

Idaho's Best dentist Dr. Rencher and Dr. Viegel understand that their team, their patients, and their community all impact one another, so they take special care in nurturing all three groups. Attempt to inspire those around you and treat everyone with kindness. When you are up, help those who are down.

Truthfully, I could compile a long list of positive things they’ve done, acts of kindness toward employees and patients, and ways they’ve served the community. Lacking space to do it justice, instead I’ll cherry-pick something I uncovered talking to team members at the office.

Did you know that oral health can significantly impact expectant mothers? Pregnant women are at higher risk for oral health problems during pregnancy, and those with periodontal (gum) disease may be seven times more likely to have a baby that’s born too early and too small. That’s why expectant mothers receive that extra dose of TLC from ADC. They’ll get the best that modern dentistry has to offer them and that bun in the oven, and the team helps them out with baby books, fudge — and someone over there is even knitting little hats! (Cue audience: “AWWWWWWWW”)

Dr. Rencher, Jodie Rencher, and Dr. Viegal show their love for those around them through their actions. More telling is that their employees, patients, and community love them dearly in return. For them, kindness is not just a hypothetical ideal to strive for — it is what Advanced Dental Care does.

Call the Doctor That Dentists Call

Best Oral Surgeon | Statewide Winner and Best of Treasure Valley

Eagle Oral Surgery There are certain situations when you want the specialized skill of a professional, especially when it comes to your health.

I learned this lesson the hard way when my dentist at the time tried and utterly failed to remove all my wisdom teeth.

You see, two of them were impacted, meaning they were overcrowded and growing in at an angle. After an extended length of time in my mouth, the dentist threw in the towel and referred me to an oral surgeon to complete the job. I was left with a bleeding mouth, a swollen face, and a broken wisdom tooth.

More Than a Dentist

Let me be clear — this is not a knock against dentists! General dentists are seasoned professionals in dental hygiene, treating cavities, and teeth whitening (among other things).

But dental school was just the beginning for Dr. Jeremy Hixson. Oral surgeons like him go to medical school and residency for an additional total of five years beyond dental school. Surgical procedures that might be performed occasionally by a general dentist are routine for Dr. Hixson, who has years of additional training and experience in surgical procedures and anesthesia.

As the president of Idaho Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons and former chairman of the St. Alphonsus Hospital Department of Surgery Subspecialties, he is especially qualified in facial trauma, bone grafts, dental implants, and injury restoration.

In fact, when a star hockey player was badly injured during play, it was Dr. Hixson that the trauma center called for help. With teeth broken or missing and severe damage to the gums and jaw, this young athlete needed the skilled hands of an expert if he was ever going to be normal again.
Fortunately, Dr. Hixson was able to repair the injuries, fully restoring the athlete’s ability to speak, chew, and show off a pretty smile for the fans.

Dr. Hixson is Idaho’s Best Oral Surgeon

Idaho's Best Oral Surgeon The team at Eagle Oral Surgery are also the go-to for procedures like dental implants, which are used for patients who are missing one or more teeth. Dental implants act as artificial tooth roots. The implants are usually made from titanium, screwed into the jawbone underneath the gums, serving as an anchor for restorations like crowns or bridges. If you’ve lost a tooth, or teeth, dental implants can restore your smile and your oral health permanently.

While Jeremy was teaching me the basics, he expressed concern about a recent trend he’s seen in the industry. Some establishments are offering too-good-to-be-true deals on dental implants, and are able to do so by substituting low quality materials for the restoration.

Done properly, dental implants should last a very long time. But when your restoration is completed with low-cost materials, they will likely only last a couple of years. He advises caution and encourages patients to ask questions and get a second opinion if necessary.

When other dentists or doctors have a tough case, they send their patients to Dr. Hixson. But you don’t have to wait for problems to arise to receive next-level care — get it right the first time by going to Eagle Oral Surgery & Implant Center.

Barbacoa’s (Unstoppable) Triple Crown

Statewide Winner & Best of Treasure Valley — Steak | Fine Dining | Restaurant

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. The 36 or so categories that make up Dining in Idaho’s Best are some of the most competitive, with “Best Restaurant” likely being the hardest award to win in Idaho’s Best.

But Barbacoa makes it look easy with a repeat triple crown. For both 2021 and 2020, Barbacoa was the Treasure Valley and Statewide winner for Best Restaurant, Best Fine Dining, and Best Steak. In 2019, they were the winners for Best Fine Dining and Best Steak — we didn’t have a “Best Restaurant” category that year.

Barbacoa is Much More than Just Barbecue

“Barbacoa” is where the word “barbecue” comes from! Boise’s Barbacoa is so much more than simple meat and fire. The amazing creations of Chef Enrique Martinez are inspired by the best cowboy cooking that Latin America, Spain, and the Western U.S. have to offer. Barbacoa isn’t just the grandfather of American barbecue — it’s the future of it.

With so many great restaurants across Idaho, how does Barbacoa do it? You can’t be this successful without incredible food, but what makes Barbacoa special is the sensational experience that transcends taste! In fact, they promise that “all your senses will be touched and stimulated” — at least buy me dinner first!

When first-timers enter this enticing establishment, they may rub their eyes and wonder what magical rabbit hole they have fallen through, as it is unlike any other restaurant anywhere. Barbacoa is the creation of the Castoro family, and it is a restaurant, museum, and art gallery all rolled into one. Owner/artist Martine Castoro can be credited with the incredible visual impact of the restaurant, and a large portion of the design and art on display is her personal work.

Always eager to get insider information on great food, I asked manager Nikola Castoro for some tips on what to order. The crowd favorites include the “Hot Rock” filet — Barbacoa’s signature 10-ounce filet mignon with flamed cognac sauce — and made-at-your-table guacamole, rounded off with delicious icetinis (if you’re feeling fancy). For something different, Nikola suggests “When Pigs Fly,” an exquisite dish featuring pork and quail. Finally, for the rebels out there, he recommends the fish of the day to experience the latest chef-inspired creations from the kitchen.

The Most Winning-est Winner

By striving to do what’s possible and not simply what’s necessary and safe, Barbacoa has earned their Idaho’s Best triple crown. Only one question remains: Can they do it again next year? I’ll consider the odds of that while I savor a 27-ounce rib eye from their rooftop lounge this summer, but I wouldn’t bet against Barbacoa!

No Crystal Ball Required (But Cope Collision May Be)

Idaho's Best Auto Body Shop

Rick and Sharon Cope — While other auto body shops have sold out to industry consolidation, the owners of Cope Collision have kept it in the family and in Meridian since 1963.

When I was a kid and our family’s new car was on the wrong end of a freak hailstorm, my father lamented that you’d have to have a crystal ball to know how much repairs would cost, when the work would be done, and if you were getting a quality repair or not. Cars are quite different now from when I was a kid. Back then they couldn’t talk (except for KITT from “Knight Rider”), and more often than not they were stick shifts.

Modern vehicles can be incredibly complex, which means that even a simple fender bender requires a skilled technician to restore your vehicle to like-new condition. As one example, with the introduction of the 2015 F-150, Ford engineers aimed to increase fuel economy by reducing the weight of the vehicle. They did this by replacing the steel in the bed and body panels with lighter aluminum.

While this results in significant improvements to efficiency, you can’t take your Ford to just any old body repair shop now. You must take your truck somewhere with the right equipment, training, and certification in aluminum-based Ford vehicles — somewhere like Cope Collision Center, voted Idaho’s Best Auto Body Shop two years in a row.

Though they are in a new, state-of-the-art facility, this shop has been family-owned and operated in Meridian since 1963. Chances are, when a company has been around for over half a century, they’re doing something right. And if you don’t have a Ford, that’s okay too.

Their team is I-Car Gold Class certified, the highest level of training in the industry, and they are factory certified by Acura, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Nissan, Subaru and more. That means whether it’s a scratch or a structural repair, they can return your vehicle to pre-loss, factory condition. To my surprise, repairs are much more than pushing a dent out, slapping some Bondo on, and painting it. They require researching manufacturer repair procedures, safety checks, computer scans, and calibrations to ensure all systems are functioning. Skip a step and your vehicle may not be repaired properly.

While it’s unfortunate when your vehicle gets banged up, you’ll never need a crystal ball to fix it. You just need Idaho’s Best Auto Body Shop.

Quest for Innovation

Let’s take a field trip back to a time and place that few of us remember well. In 1963, the communities of the Treasure Valley were quite different. Boise’s population was only about 40,000 and had just opened its second high school. Boise College was still years away from becoming Boise State University. Meridian, Idaho’s fastest growing city for the last 25 years, had a population of only 2,000, and it’s lifeblood since the Great Depression was the creamery run by a local cooperative of dairy farmers.

It was in this time and place that Gerald Cope saw a need that he was well suited to fill, opening Cope Auto Repair in Meridian. Thus began a journey that continues to this day, more than 56 years later. The business has grown, moved, rebranded, and has been passed from father Gerald to son Rick, but one thing hasn’t changed — the Cope commitment to quality work.

It is, in fact, the Cope name that has become synonymous with auto body repair in the Treasure Valley. The Cope Collision Center, as the business is now called, is a family-run affair. Many of the Cope lineage have dedicated their talents to the family trade. But Rick Cope is not one to turn down talent when he finds it, rounding out their needs with skilled and dedicated operators wherever they find them.

Cars have become incredibly more complicated than they were when Rick’s father first started the business, with new models having more lines of code in their computer systems than most airliners.

That’s why the Cope team is very dedicated to continuing education. The technicians are constantly taking classes and receiving instruction, always updating their education. Their team has the highest possible rating in the industry as I-Car Gold Class certified professionals. Outside of the Honda dealer, they have the only shop in town that is Honda certified. You can add to that virtually every other major car manufacturer, including Nissan, Ford, Dodge, GM, Chevrolet, and more.

Danielle, the Vice President of Cope Collision Center, also emphasized that consumers have a lot more power than most realize. If, like me, you’ve ever been steered to one business or another by an insurance adjuster, she stressed that you don’t have to listen to them. In Idaho, consumers are legally free to take their vehicles to be repaired anywhere they want. Get that estimate; get that second opinion, and make an informed choice!

Cope Collision Center happily works with all insurance companies and agents, but won’t allow themselves to be influenced by them. Cope will return your vehicle to you in pre-accident condition and document it so that insurance will cover it, and their work will come with a lifetime guarantee.

Cope Collision Center might be an old dog, but it’s a reliable one that has learned all kinds of new tricks to stay modern and relevant. It’s how they’ve been an essential part of the community for more than 50 years, and in all likelihood will still be going strong in 50 more.

A Master Class in Custom Furniture

When my son was born eight years ago, I went bananas trying to make everything perfect before the little bundle of joy/terror arrived. Baby-proof house? Check. Vast supply of diapers, clothes, and educational toys? Check. But even after the spare room had been transformed into a colorful nursery with a rocking chair and changing table, there was a large empty space where the crib should be.

We hadn’t been negligent in our shopping duties. But as we evaluated crib after crib at most of the major stores, I was very unsatisfied with the low quality of what I saw and not impressed with the prices. Perhaps it was just the nervousness of a new parent, but I had trouble trusting the flimsy, mass-produced products with a new life.

As it happens, woodworking is a hobby of mine and I was certain I could produce the sturdy masterpiece that my son deserved. And after working every night for several weeks, the pile of redwood lumber in my garage had been transformed into a beautiful mission-style crib.

While I have no regrets about tackling such a task, it’s not the path I would recommend for parents in the market for a new crib or anyone seeking quality hardwood furniture of any type. Had I simply done better research, I would have found exactly the crib I wanted, produced by hands far more skilled than my own, and even at a very reasonable price — right here in the Treasure Valley.

In fact, I was driving right past the big red chair in front of Heritage Reflections every day! At the time, I didn’t know they offered American-made, custom hardwood furniture. I didn’t even know that stores like that were a thing.

One might assume that handcrafted, custom furniture is very expensive, but in this case you’ll find that Heritage Reflections can still step into the ring and compete in pricing with major furniture stores.

What’s their secret? Do they have some magical elves that come out at night to build furniture? Not quite. Owners Bob and Terri Anderson work with 150 Amish families in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Each family focuses their skill in one area, becoming masters in handcrafting tables, chairs, or bedroom furniture.

Nearly all the furniture you see in the store comes from these dedicated Amish craftsmen and Heritage Reflections passes the savings along to the customer.

The Heritage Reflections showroom is a master class in design and decor centered on the incredible furniture that you can’t find anywhere else. If you see something you like (whether it be in the showroom, catalogue, or on their site), you have access to more customization options than a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cone. Choose from a variety of hardwoods, stains, and design options to get custom furniture exactly how you want it, built from scratch.

Whether you’re looking for your “forever” table, a handsome bedroom set, or a crib fit for your baby prince, Heritage Reflections is where you’ll find Idaho’s Best furniture.

What It Takes to Be #1 in the #2 Business

You know what grinds my gears? When small businesses and startups become successful because they are incredibly good, and then that quality disappears as their success grows. American-made Craftsman tools were replaced with cheap, foreign knockoffs. The incredible Pyrex cookware now fractures or explodes (true story — I almost killed my prom date with Pyrex glass shards). ESPN is basically just MTV now, but for sports. And MTV hasn’t shown music videos for years!

Before I shake my fist at the sky and scream at kids to get off my lawn, let me tell you that we don’t have to go back in time to find quality companies. We have some great ones right now, right here in Idaho. Just look at Express Plumbing Service, who’s had great success and just keeps getting better as they grow.

Express Plumbing Service (EPS) is owned by Brad Jordan and Ben Davis. I love these guys, as they are hard-working and honest. They like to get their hands dirty, take great care of employees, and even better care of customers. What started as a one-man operation in 2006 has grown to the biggest plumbing operation in Idaho, all without any compromises in quality.

I talk to business owners every day and I can tell you what makes EPS different. One of the first things Ben said about building their business was “The most important thing is to be honest.” Karma is the energy of life, and if you surround yourself with good people and do good things, good things will follow for you.

Also important: Take care of the people that take care of you. That philosophy doesn’t just apply to EPS customers, but also their employees. They offer very competitive pay and benefits, providing books, training, and continuing education for employees as well. Consider this brain nugget: EPS — a plumbing service — is rated as one of the Top 10 Places to Work in Idaho!

Ben appreciates his plumbers because he IS one. He leads his team of service technicians by example and from the front. Brad is the Leonidas of plumbing, but instead of a sword he wields a wrench, and instead of hordes of angry Persians, his foe is a clogged sink drain!

It’s my belief that plumbing is one of the most under-rated professions out there. We live very well and fail to appreciate our modern amenities until they stop working, which always seems to be at the worst possible time. But EPS understands and they don’t hold it against us. They’re available for those inconvenient emergencies 24/7 and they boast a 60-minute response time, like the DoorDash of toilets! They work so hard because, as Ben says, “We want to be that hero for the customer.”

So the next time you’re on the john and reminiscing about when History Channel actually had shows about history, you can thank a plumber if it all goes well. And if it doesn’t go well, call Express Plumbing Service (or a gastroenterologist, whichever seems right for your situation).